Bun Bo Hue is pretty good. Do I know everything’s that in it? Not really. Did I just find out what it was because a random friend told me about it? Yup. But I love this fatty noodle soup to death. I especially like the blood. It tastes like meat jello. And the plethora of meat is just an orgy in my mouth. And don’t get me started on that Vietnamese meatloaf. I love that shit! And the veggies, well. They’re just veggies, and they take a backseat to everything else. I always spice the bun bo hue up more with chili sauce, but that’s probably not good for me. Anything spicy is good in my book! If you like meat, spice, and pig’s blood. Well, you need to get this dish. And on a cold night, nothing is better. So go out there, and eat that spicy meat soup filled with blood!