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Have you ever had to order Thai food, but it can’t be spicy? Grandma can’t have it anymore, my kid cousin can’t eat it, and I believe my aunt doesn’t prefer it. So ordering Thai food but making sure it was not spicy. Man, was it not good. But my aunt agreed, also. The restaurant seemed busy, and some of the food was cold (especially the chicken kebabs). I found myself throwing pepper powder on a lot of stuff since the spice wasn’t there, but it wasn’t really the same. The soup seemed generic, and the pork salad was the same my grandma would always make, minus the unf. The two stir fried dishes I ordered seemed the same, and that was my bad. But I was going to order two spicy dishes instead, but had to change them. The star was the tofu in one of the dishes though, since it was heavily battered and the sauce complimented it. Everything else was alright. Just alright.