photo 1(1)Taco salads are one of the most wonderful salads in the world. They’re moderately cheap, and it’s called a salad. So you can pretend that it’s healthy, but you know very well that it isn’t! But quiet, let’s just pretend it’s a healthy salad, rather than just a big taco constructed as a bowl. A deep fried bowl. Which you can eat.

photo 2(1)

The one I ordered was filled with al pastor, my go-to meat when ordering Mexican food. They finally added a list of meats (or maybe I barely noticed it today) and I saw an option for “spicy pork”. I thought it was a new item! Turns out, it was al pastor. Go figure? But nonetheless, I enjoyed my salad. It was stuff with layers of juicy meat, fresh pico de gallo, pinto beans, Spanish rice, and topped with some nice avocado and sour cream. I also garnished it with plenty of onions and cilantro, while topping it off with their medium salsa (their hot salsa is way too hot for me to eat during my lunchtime at work). And let’s not forget, the crunchy taco shell of a bowl they fry to order!

photo 3(1)

Sad to say, I could not finish my lunch. I took it in a to-go box and had it as a cold supper after work. I had to ask the cook, and I bet you he thought I was a weakling for not being able to finish. But, for 7 dollars and some change, it’s well worth it. So if you ever  have an urge to call salads pathetic and wimpy, just remember. Taco salads have your back.