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That day was just a regular day. A man was taking a peaceful stroll, walking forward towards no particular destination. But suddenly, he was pushed down from behind. His wallet fell to the ground, but he didn’t bother reaching for it. Nobody else was to be seen, so the man was terrified about what was happening.

” Who are you?” he asked as he looked up. “Why did you push me?”

“I’m so sorry. Where are my manners?” The culprit replied. ” My name is Scissors. I was sent here.”

The man looked at Scissors and noticed the menacing claw attached to his right arm. He wondered why there was such a thing.

“Sent here? What do you mean?”

“Oh, just business. You wouldn’t understand. Plus, I can’t disobey orders.” Scissors said, the tone of his voice professional and cold. “Do you have any last words before I destroy you?

“D-d-destroy me? I…I don’t understand what you’re saying! Why?!” The man said, not unable to believe his ears.

“My, my. You ask so many questions. Of course you wouldn’t understand. But, no worries. You won’t have to worry about understanding a darn thing after I’m done with you.”

photo 2

Scissors raised his claw above the man’s head, preparing to strike down.

“No…please, no!” The man said while raising a hand in vain. “Someone! Please save me!”
“Nobody is here to help you. And I’m tired of your bickering.” Scissors said as he swung his claw down towards the man cowering in fear.

photo 3

The man braced himself for impact, convinced that this was his spot to die in. Suddenly, there was a loud gunshot and the claw swung away.

photo 4

The man quickly rose to his feet, but was too shocked to run away. Scissors stood straight, just as shocked.

“What in the world?” Scissors asked. Both he and the man looked towards where the shot was fired. There, they saw a figure pointing the weapon towards them.

“I am Chase.” The figure said in a slow, menacing voice. “I am the one who judges.”

“Judge? What are you talking about you about, you freak?”

“You are taking advantage of someone who clearly cannot fight back. And for that, I will defeat you.”

“Haha. You’re hilarious!” Scissors laughed.

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Scissors charged at Chase and slammed his claw down against him. He was sure his claw would collide against Chase’s body, but he was wrong. Chase blocked it effortlessly. Scissors tried with all his might, but Chase easily stood his ground.

“Only the weak take advantage of the defenseless.” Chase said.

“Why you…” Scissors replied impatiently.

photo 3 (1)

Chase punched the weapon against Scissor’s chest, sending him tumbling to the ground.

photo 2 (4)

The man stood next to Scissors. He had been watching the fight all the while, frozen in fear. He didn’t know what to do, or even say.

“This….this power. What is it?” Scissors asked. “What are you?”

“You shall be judged now.” Chase said as he placed his left hand on top of the weapon. “Break. Your body.”