Truth be told, if anybody were to know me, they would know I don’t enjoy holidays. Of course that sounds beyond pessimistic, but that’s just how I was grown up. I never went trick-or-treating. I never huddled near a turkey with family all around me. Nor did I wait for Santa Claus or huddle by some pine tree. Holidays were just never for me.

Today, though. Today brought it to a new level. I awoke on this Saturday, ready to take both grandmas out to the mall. But one of them, the one that raised me and the one I’ve been living with the majority of my life, was beyond sick and was rushed to the hospital. I was later informed that she would need surgery. And in this family, surgery is no small ordeal. We’re terrified of doctors opening us up and finding something wrong with us, and my family have always believed in spirits and ghosts and such, rather than some science. Tis the Asian way, I guess.

So you can try to emphasize how I was feeling. Maybe you can’t. I went to work today, feeling more down than an anchor in the ocean. I contemplated not even going. But I ended up there, and boy was that a mistake. Everybody was happy and dressed up, while I was just there, also thinking whether or not my grandmother will be fine. They dressed me up in some rob and dolled my face up with fake blood, but those disguises weren’t good enough to hide how I really felt. The manager even asked if I was okay, and I said I was. But I wasn’t.

To top it off, I had the most pathetic customer. So our store is a store which sells 1.50 items, unless marked by another price. She bought a wig, which I said was four dollars (to remind her) and she said okay. She comes back about ten minutes later, asking for a refund since she thought the orange afro wig wasn’t the long black wig she wanted. Really? You can see right through the package. I said no. Our policy is no exchange and returns, and this was especially no exception. She came back about ten minutes later again, saying I overcharged her. That the wig wasn’t 1.50 like the store promised. Bitch, there is a sticker right on it and you agreed it was four dollars. But, she said she didn’t hear it and that I was ripping her off. She went on and on with me and another coworker, saying she wanted was asking for her money back, and not ours. She even said she’d buy the wig for 1.50, but not 4.00. I don’t even know. She just kept making a scene and the line grew, with customers staring at her. She finally left, leaving the wig there and crying. Thanks for making my day worse lady, for 2.50, while I thought about my grandma’s potential fucking death.

On the bright side a coworker gave everybody a bag of yummy candy. And grandma is back home for now looking alright, but her surgery still awaits. What a day it was today.