My little cousin has thrown up and my aunt has been yelling for about an hour or so. Shows how much of a good parent she is; complaining and whining about her child while talking loudly to herself.

She’s also come up with the brilliant conclusion that the her daughter threw up because she played with the cat.

And I’m just sitting here trying to not hurt my brain too much from hearing such a thing.

All I did today was work and I had about an hour or so of quiet. Now I’ve just been hearing “Throw up! Why! Throw up! Why! Cat get away! SH! Get! Sh! Throw up everywhere. Sh!” She also shoos the cat away. But that’s not surprising, because everything seems to be at fault but herself.

I wish I had something smarter to say, but I sadly do not. I hope the coming days are at leas somewhat better, without having to hear such idiotic things. But I work retail, so that probably won’t happen.

I hope whoever reading this has a bit of a better day than me, though.