I think I’ve entered something beyond the friend zone when the girl you find attractive and just plain darling tells you about a mistake date she had, even though she has a boyfriend. What realm am I even in?

Today was okay; I did the usual. I took grandmother out and watched her wobble around, buying vegetables and hassling with vendors on prices. I ate out too much though- noodle soup and two sandwiches! And since I work retail, that food sure did not help me and my lack of enthusiasm. I’ve also been informed by said grandma that another grandma will be visiting us next week and she wants to visit the store I work at to buy stuff. Workers have already seen me with one grandma, but two? Man, I really need an excuse to do something else.

I’m also stressed the fuck out because I have two writing projects due by next week and I’m not feeling so hot on either of them. One is for a literary magazine I “worked” in at school, while the other one is a review on a show I need to publish on a website. Writing is hard.

On the bright side, I’ve found a Happy Meal’s bucket from McDonald’s in my section today. And you know what I did? I kept it. Because I am a man. And I want this bucket. Sorry kid, finders keepers., The world is a cruel thing to live in.

So today was alright I guess. Nothing out of the ordinary. Minus the entire grandmas’ situation next week, using up too much of my paycheck even though I just got it, being stressed out about projects due next week, and being friend zoned onto another planet, today was okay.