Island: Really though. Why does it have an S? If I went and did some research, I might come up with the answer. But let’s face it. There’s no reason for an S to be there at all. Iland. Maybe the person who founded it thought Iland looked too complicated to write, since the I and the L look similar, so decided to add an extra letter between them.

Wednesday: Does anybody really say it as Wed-nes-day? If so, then I apologize and I respect your decision. But man, did I have trouble spelling this in elementary school. Why couldn’t it just be Wensday? It looks a bit weird at first, but I think it would have caught on if it was spelt that way.

Sweater vest: This word makes me laugh. Sweater vest. It’s like two things for practically the same use combined. It’s like a sock shoe. Or magnifying eye glasses. Plus it’s fun to say. Sweater vest.

February: I had trouble spelling this word for this. I just don’t know; it’s a hard word to spell for me. I know I should know better, but I don’t. Februrary? Feburary? I don’t know; this month hates me.

Psychic: This word fits in the same category as February, but in a lesser degree.

Idea: I have a an indistinguishable accent. Whenever I say idea, I say ideer. It’s not good. It sounds like a new product from Apple or something. Or a spin off of iRobot, it’s iDeer.

Tanbark: Isn’t bark already tan? Or is tan already barked? I always thought it was a funny word, for such a useless thing. The only time I’ve seen tanbark was on playgrounds back in grade school. I used to throw them at girls. Oh happy days.

Anoobie/Anewbie: Now this one isn’t a word, but a phrase. What it is would be the phrase “A noobie/newbie.” Being my younger, stupider self, I thought it was one word, meshing it together into anoobie/anewbie. I’m less dumb now, but I will always remember the made up word I came up with.