1. Back in elementary school, I was quite the impressionable kid. By that, I mean if it seemed cool and popular, I would most likely try to copy it. I was always an okay student and minded to myself. But that day, that day was a different day. I want to say it was during third grade (around that age) and I remember seeing a “friend” by the name of Hugo or something with an H mooning some girls, and saying “SHALIMBA!” At the time, I didn’t know what mooning was, and was even more lost at what shalimba was. But it looked fun, so I did the same thing. However, I took it one step further. I mooned the girls and some older kids, yes, but also took off my pants and showed them those tidy whities. I did it once, but Hugo wanted me to do it again. When I refused, he spilled some juice onto my shoes. After this I don’t remember much, but going back to class and sitting in my spot besides the wall. I was called to the principal’s office eventually, and remember being suspended for a day. My family was outraged, but I don’t remember any punishment. All I did when I got home was watch my video tape of Mulan.

2. My cousins (or who I think are my cousins, I honestly don’t know anymore with such a big, complicated family) used to stay over at the old house with us sometimes. I always thought of them as somewhat odd, with the girl being too smart and pretty, while her brother was awkward and only ate plain French fries all the time. But, they were alright. One time while I was taking a bath (I think it was a bath) I remember calling my grandma for some reason. I ran out bare naked and wet, and ran into both of them in the hallway. I quickly ran back inside the bathroom and tried to solve whatever the problem was myself. I later met up with them when they were both sitting at the piano, but they never looked at me. I think things became different ever since that time.

3. I was on campus for whoknowswhat on whoknowswhen (I think it was a weekend since it was pretty empty) and I had to use the bathroom. I quickly went into the bathroom in the engineering building to take a shit. I quietly walked past the janitor and chose the last stall. I concentrated as hard as I could while breathing hard as I stared at the door. Suddenly, everything went into slow motion and the door was opening slowly. The same janitor looked at me and I stared back, our eyes intertwining awkwardly. As slowly as he opened, he hastily closed that door. After I was done with my business, I came out to see he wasn’t there. I couldn’t really blame him for not staying though, since it was a pretty shitty experience for him.